Cyclamen coum Cyberia

Bring colours in your winter!

Braving the cold and dreariness, the pretty pink or white flowers of the small hardy cyclamen coum Cyberia will follow one another throughout several weeks from December to April to give colour to your winter, whether in the garden, on your balcony or windowsill.
Cyclamen coum Cyberia is available from December to brighten up your winter until April. Ideally Cyberia is planted in the undergrowth but you can also plant this cyclamen in a bed or a lawn. Other than that you canĀ  enjoy its long winter bloom in a pot on a balcony or in a window box on a windowsill.
Depending on the variety, Cyberia will brighten up your home with soft pink, bright pink or white with beautiful dark green, silver or marbled leaves. Alone or with other Winter Pearls such as Christmas Carol, it will bring elegance and enchantment to your combinations.
The beautiful green or silver leaves disappear towards the end of spring. During the summer the plant rests and it wakes up again in the autumn. After that Cyberia starts developing leaves and surprises us with its flowers in the heart of winter.

Some tips for enjoying Cyberia throughout the winter… and the winter thereafter;

  • Plant Cyberia in the ground or in pots on your terrace
  • Place it preferably in the shade or mid-shade.
  • Make sure it is planted in well-draining soil.