Cyclamen Winter Pearls


Cyclamen hederifolium – the ivy-leaved cyclamen – grows wild in various places from south-east France to Turkey. Cyclamen hederifolium flowers continuously from August until the first frost, making it very suitable for the winter garden.

The attractive leaves with their white markings create a very decorative carpet from late summer until spring. It’s a hardy variety that can also cope with summer drought. The Winter Peals Collection includes two cyclamen varieties: AmazeMe and SilverMe. SilverMe can be recognised by its unique silvery foliage. The cyclamens from the AmazeMe series have fresh green foliage. Both varieties are available with white and pink flowers.


  • The plant is very suitable for planting in borders
  • Position: partial shade, does not like a lot of direct sunlight
  • Keep the soil sufficiently damp, but do ensure good drainage