Gaultheria procumbens Big Berry

The biggest berries on the market!

Gaultheria procumbens, also known as checkerberry, is a popular product that is widely used in winter gardens. Big Berry will offer you the biggest berries, for a huge impact in your garden during autumn and winter. Available with red and/or white berries.
Its green foliage and appealing large red or white berries make Big Berry a true Winter Pearl. It has a ground-covering habit and therefore is ideal for planting in borders and undergrowth. In addition to that it’s also highly suitable for a winter display on the patio and balcony. Gaultheria Big Berry is beautiful by itself as well as a perfect partner for combinations, together with Helleborus, Cyclamen or other winter plants.
Gaultheria can also be used as a houseplant at first and be placed outside after a period of 6 to 8 weeks.
The Winter Pearls Collection features the Gaultheria varieties Big Berry Red and Big Berry White that particularly stand out because of the size of the berries.
They are winter hardy, very robust and when planted in acidic soil, they will come back year after year!
A few tips to enjoy this Winter Pearl for as long as possible;
  • Place Big Berry in a sunny spot or in partial shade
  • Keep the soil sufficiently damp, but ensure good drainage