Helleborus Christmas Carol

The earliest flowering Helleborus on the market!

The bright white flowers of Helleborus niger Christmas Carol will pop in any garden, balcony or terrace at the darkest time of year! Christmas Carol is one of the most popular and cultivated Helleborus on the market, flowering from December to March.

Christmas Carol is available before to the Christmas period and can be used indoors in Christmas arrangements for a period of up to 2 weeks. Afterwards the plants can continue to be enjoyed outdoors. The outdoor shelf-life of Helleborus Christmas Carol in the garden or in a pot is excellent and they flower early and well through the winter.

The Christmas Carol is moderately hardy and therefore suitable for different climates. As soon as it starts to freeze, the plant draws water from the flowers and leaves back to the roots, preventing the plants from freezing. This causes the stems to limp a little, but as soon as the thaw sets in, the Helleborus revives completely. Because Christmas Carol blooms in mid-winter it turns your garden into a real eye-catcher!

A few tips to keep this Winter Pearl radiant for as long as possible;

  • The plant is perfectly suitable for the full soil or patio pots.
  • Place the Helleborus in a sheltered and sunny spot. The more the plant is in the shade, the less flowers it will produce.
  • Keep the soil sufficiently moist, but make sure there is a good drainage. The plant indicates itself when it needs extra water by letting its leaves hang limply. After a few hours, the Helleborus will look beautiful again.
  • Do not water during freezing weather: The plant hardly uses any water then.
  • A little plant food once every fortnight promotes extra-long and rich blooms.